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Lakshmi: South Asians must confront colorism

Sanjana Lakshmi, Columnist

October 2, 2015

London is diverse: Everywhere I look, I see people of different cultures, ethnicities and religions, but diversity does not necessarily translate into acceptance, let alone into a lack of marginalization. I sat down with two South Asian...

ASG to train student group leaders on accessibility, inclusion

Shane McKeon, Assistant Campus Editor

June 5, 2015

Associated Student Government leaders announced Wednesday plans to train student group leaders on issues of accessibility and inclusion. During the last Senate session of the year, SESP sophomore Matt Herndon, ASG’s vice...

Local food trucks diversify Dillo Day eating options

Devan Coggan and Hayley Glatter

May 28, 2014

Ten of Chicago’s food trucks will be at Dillo Day all day Saturday to keep festival attendees nourished. The trucks, featuring a variety of cuisines, will be set up in the southern portion of the Lakefill, closer to Norris...