Evanston requests community input on reparations program


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The Reparations Committee is seeking applicants for working groups that will focus on economic development, community unity, educational initiatives and housing.

Aviva Bechky, City Editor

Mayor Daniel Biss announced the launch of a survey to assess Evanston residents’ views on the reparations program on Thursday, almost two years after the city implemented the program.

Evanston is running the survey in conjunction with Northwestern and research institution NORC at the University of Chicago. The city is requesting all residents 18 and older to respond, according to Biss’ newsletter.

The survey asks respondents about their political views, understanding of and support for Evanston’s reparations program, thoughts on racism, personal demographic information and information about their housing situation. 

“In Evanston we’re proud of our trailblazing reparations initiative, but we also know that the first steps in a long complex journey require careful analysis, reflection, and, potentially, adjustment,” Biss said in the newsletter.

The response will help policymakers understand what a “broad, representative sample” of Evanston residents think about reparations, he said.

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