Mills, Crawford: Write opinion


Kadin Mills and Colin Crawford

Week eight is just around the corner, though it seems like this year just started, like, five days ago — but that’s just our opinion. In the past seven weeks, we’ve published 18 stories, ranging from pieces on mental health to personal essays. We’ve read about skateboarding on sidewalks and marathoning. We’ve learned the value of time and timepieces and the harm of book bans.

Our top story this quarter is “I did this to be true to myself,” Weinberg Sophomore Sara Azimpour’s frustrating story of navigating NU’s policy on Title IX. Other top stories include Communications Junior Zai Dawodu’s “I was dismissed from NU for bad grades,” exploring imposter syndrome, as well as Medill Sophomore Lucia Barnum’s “The white queerness of The Daily Northwestern,” interrogating our newsroom’s culture and demographics.

We are thrilled with the content we have published so far, and we’re asking once again for Op-Ed submissions. Student organizations, tell us about your frustrations and your triumphs! Evanston residents, the opinion pages are also home to you!

If there’s something you are passionate about, or a topic not usually covered by The Daily, send us a submission at [email protected]. While we try to publish as many stories that meet our policies as we can, submitting an article does not guarantee publication.

Kadin Mills is a Medill Junior. He can be contacted at [email protected]. Colin Crawford is a Medill Sophomore. He can be contacted at [email protected].