Mayfest announces FMO Second Stage Student Artists for 50th Dillo Day


Daily file photo by Noah Frick-Alofs

For Members Only first co-hosted Dillo Day with Mayfest Productions in 2019.

Audrey Hettleman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Student artists Kaze, Moyana Olivia and Rhome will perform on the For Members Only Second Stage on Saturday at Dillo Day, Mayfest Productions announced Tuesday. 

Dillo Day, the nation’s largest student-run music festival, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. To commemorate the festival’s origins, this year’s theme is “Return to the Rodeo.” 

FMO’s stage features an all-Black artist slate. The group first partnered with Mayfest to co-host Dillo Day in 2019, after Mayfest’s historical partner WNUR dropped out

“We don’t really think it’s right for (Mayfest) to be picking these Black artists,” former Co-Chair of FMO’s Dillo Committee Ayana Davis told The Daily in 2019. “And so we formed a committee to somewhat try and represent what Black students might want to hear at Dillo Day.”

Rapper Rhome has released three singles to date. The most recent, “She Just Want to Have Fun,” was released May 6. Kaze’s music features a primarily R&B sound, with rhythmic beats and a soothing ambience.

Bienen sophomore Olivia Pierce, known by the stage name Moyana Olivia, has been writing her own songs since 2017. Her songs feature a soulful voice and lyrics that focus on themes such as homophobia and racism.

“I just want to make music that builds community, brings people together and sheds light on experiences that maybe we don’t necessarily talk about in mainstream songs,” Pierce told The Daily in April.

Tickets for Dillo Day, which is Saturday, are free for undergraduate students, $15 for undergraduate guests and $25 for Northwestern alumni and graduate students. Tickets can be reserved through the Norris Box Office website. 

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