Northwestern graduate schools place among top 20 in U.S. News rankings


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The Arch. Multiple Northwestern graduate schools placed among the top 20 in the country in annual U.S. News and World Report rankings.

Maia Pandey, Campus Editor

Multiple Northwestern schools placed among the top 20 graduate schools in the country, with the Kellogg School of Management ranking third nationwide in its field, according to the annual U.S. News and World Report rankings released Tuesday.

The Pritzker School of Law and the School of Education and Social Policy graduate program ranked 13th and 11th in their fields, respectively. The McCormick School of Engineering tied with the University of Pennsylvania for 18th, while the Feinberg School of Medicine placed 17th in a tie with the University of Michigan. 

This is the 15th consecutive year Feinberg has ranked among the top 20 medical schools nationwide, according to the University.

“I am proud of the medical school’s leading-edge scientific discovery, innovative medical education and commitment to transforming the future of medicine,” Eric Neilson, Feinberg vice president for medical affairs, said in a Wednesday news release. “I have no doubt that our outstanding reputation will continue to grow in the future.”

The U.S. News and World Report also released undergraduate university rankings last fall, which named NU the ninth best in the country — a ranking that has held steady for four years.

In an interview with The Daily earlier this month, President Morton Schapiro said U.S. News rankings have been the single largest factor that has increased the University’s rising applicant pool during his tenure, particularly among undergraduates.

“You could criticize U.S. News (rankings). Nobody’s criticized it more than I have,” Schapiro said. “But the simple truth (is) that in a global market, they apply top 10. If you’re 11, they don’t know who you are. If you’re nine, they do.”

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