Best New Business: Happy Lemon

Avani Kalra, Assistant City Editor

It’s no secret that college students love their bubble tea. Whether looking for some afternoon caffeine or an after-dinner treat, Northwestern students have frequented Evanston boba spots for years. In July 2021, Happy Lemon –– creator of the salted cheese topping –– opened on Chicago Avenue to offer students a new (and saltier) option to satisfy their cravings.

In 1991, the Yummy Town Group brought bubble tea from Taiwan to Mainland China and Hong Kong. Seven years later, the company founded Happy Lemon, and invented Rock Salt Cheese Tea –– a cream cheese, heavy cream, or milk topping with rock salt.

Happy Lemon offers a fully customizable experience with five ice and sugar level options, and over 20 topping selections. I will warn you –– don’t go to Happy Lemon if you’re feeling overwhelmed. There’s milk tea, brewed tea, smoothies, fruit tea and various versions of lemon, but choosing a tea is just the tip of the iceberg. My favorites are the classic Honey Jasmine Green Tea and the Passionfruit Green Tea (without jelly).

Next time you’re in the mood to violently stab a cup with an oversized straw, make your way down Chicago Avenue to Happy Lemon: Evanston’s best new business.

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