Best bar: Celtic Knot Public House

Zoe Malin, Senior Staffer

Walk past Celtic Knot Public House any night of the week and you’re more than likely to hear music pouring out the front door. The sound of folk, blues and Irish tunes fill the air inside the establishment and make their way out onto the street. For some, the songs act as background noise as they engage in a conversation at the bar. Others get lost in the rhythm, swaying to the beat while sipping on a Guinness with foam dripping down the sides of the frosty glass.

Celtic Knot is more than a bar. It’s a gathering place for friends and family, a spot for coworkers to catch up and a lively date night venue. The drink menu lists over a dozen beer and cider options, as well as wine and cocktails. You can also bring Celtic Knot home with you — the bar offers a jug of its Knotty Cocktail to go.

And as for the food? You can munch on everything from deep-fried pickle chips to bacon-wrapped dates, or chow down on Shepherd’s Pie and Boston Corned Beef and Cabbage. But before you get lost in the pools of gravy and crunchy French fries, don’t overlook the soups — nothing cures a bad day like a bucket of Celtic Knot’s Pea Wack.

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