We’re changing how you listen to podcasts

Our online podcast presence has changed a little bit. Now, you can find your favorite Daily Northwestern podcasts on Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

MOLLY LUBBERS: Hello, Daily Northwestern listeners! We at The Daily hope you are staying safe and healthy. First, thank you for spending some of your time indoors listening to all of the important, hard-hitting, and human-centered podcasts we have produced over the last few months.

To make your podcast experience a bit easier, we’re changing things up. Now, you can find a separate feed for every one of our podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can check out your favorite podcasts like Everything Evanston, NU Declassified or Podculture on these platforms.

Don’t worry, we’re still on SoundCloud! You can go to our page at soundcloud.com/the-daily-northwestern and follow our podcast playlists there.

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