Andy’s Frozen Custard faces lease expiration


Joshua Hoffman/The Daily Northwestern

Andy’s Frozen Custard permanently closed its Evanston location. The dessert store is the nation’s largest frozen custard-only business.

Emma Edmund and Zoe Malin

The lease for Andy’s Frozen Custard is set to expire in May, opening up the question of a possible closure.

The dessert store, located at 719 Church St. in downtown Evanston, is part of a national chain that includes stores in states such as Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. The company sells frozen custard, milkshakes and other desserts. It’s famous for its concretes, which consist of frozen custard blended with toppings. 

Beckie Reidle, an office manager for Andy’s, said in an email to The Daily that the store’s lease expires in May 2020. Reidle said the store is in discussions with the landlord regarding renewal. 

Reidle wrote that if the store closed, it will likely close this spring. She also wrote that the information about the lease is the most the store is able to share at the time. 

Andy’s was ranked the best dessert for Best of Evanston in 2019, for the fifth year in a row. 

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