MSA announces temporary Black House location


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The Black House’s current location, which will soon be under renovation. Multicultural Student Affairs just announced a temporary location for the next school year.

Gabby Birenbaum, Campus Editor

A small residence hall at 1856 Orrington Ave. will serve as the temporary location of the Black House while the current building is being renovated during the 2019-20 school year, the Multicultural Student Affairs office announced Wednesday.

The announcement comes nearly two weeks after administrators said they would come to a decision.

MSA said the location was selected after a “thorough vetting process” that included input from students, various members of staff and representatives from the Black House Renovation Steering Committee and opportunities for participants in the selection process to do walk-throughs.

The location meets all of students’ “must haves,” MSA said — there is space to both engage in programming and hang out, the building is accessible and large enough for current Black House staff and student organizations and has gender-neutral restrooms. Some new amenities, such as a pantry, will be available in both the temporary and renovated locations.

MSA also said the temporary location on Orrington has close proximity to both the current Black House and the Multicultural Center. Student representatives for MSA said the space feels “more like a home” and meets the needs of Northwestern’s black community “well,” according to the release.

The release also revealed that the process of entering a construction bid for the Black House’s renovation has begun.

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