California-based Philz Coffee announces new store in Evanston

Catherine Henderson, City Editor

Philz Coffee, a chain based in San Francisco, announced it will open four stores in the Chicago area, including a location in Evanston.

The coffee chain will open its first location in Wicker Park this summer, and three other Chicago-area locations are in the works, including in Lincoln Park, Hyde Park and Evanston at 1030 Davis St. Founded in 2002 outside of Silicon Valley, the chain has about 50 locations across the country.

Evanston’s Design and Project Review Committee looked at the plan for the coffee shop in December and unanimously recommended it for approval for the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Philz Coffee is known for its pour-over coffee, though it also serves French press, iced coffee and espresso. According to its brew guide, it pours boiling water through filters and a gooseneck spout kettle. First, it pours a little bit of hot water to let the ground coffee “bloom,” and then “spirals in” the rest of the water, the guide said.

The chain will join Colectivo Coffee — based in Milwaukee, Starbucks — based in Seattle and Unicorn Cafe — a local shop, as well as other coffee shops downtown.

“We want Philz to feel like home,” the brew guide said. “It’s not just about coffee, it’s about people.”

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