Blotter: Packages reported stolen from porch

Clare Proctor, Assistant City Editor

A 45-year-old woman reported multiple packages stolen from her residence at 919 Asbury Ave between 5 p.m Monday and 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The woman reported the incident to the Evanston Police Department Tuesday evening. She had received notification that the packages were delivered, Evanston Police Cmdr. Ryan Glew said. Though she did not immediately retrieve them, the woman noticed the packages sitting on her front porch as she drove past her residence. When she went to get them, though, she discovered they were gone.

The packages contained between $300 and $400 worth of herbal supplements, as well as estimated $188 of Hanna Andersson clothing, Glew said.

There are no suspects and no one in custody, he added.

Unknown items stolen from Walgreens

A 21-year-old female Chicago resident reported a theft from Walgreens at 635 Chicago Ave. after observing a male and female acting suspiciously near the hygiene area of the store.

When the manager approached the two individuals, they quickly left and fled on foot, setting off the anti-theft alarm, Glew said. The manager believes the same male and female stole from Walgreens on Monday as well.

The first offender is a 40- to 45-year-old black male with a white beard wearing a yellow raincoat, and the second is a black female between 26 and 27 years old between 5’6” and 5’7,” wearing a tan and green army jacket, Glew said. Neither have been arrested or are in custody, he said.

It is unknown which objects were stolen and what the cost was, Glew added.

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