2018 Year in Review: Our top videos

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2018 Year in Review

1. Coming to Cook County – Origins of Immigration
In the first episode of The Daily’s new video series, Coming to Cook County, we explore the first major wave of immigration to the area in the early 19th century and its lasting impact.

— Christopher Vazquez and Hangda Zhang

2. Rohingya refugee finds home in Chicago

Hasan Korimullah, a Rohingya refugee, came to Chicago after losing his family and fleeing from his home country, Myanmar. Korimullah found a new home with his adopted family in a house of 17 in the West Ridge neighborhood of Chicago.

— Poppy Shen and Hangda Zhang

3. Beyond the Binary: NU transgender students face obstacles navigating the housing process

Transgender students often struggle to find adequate housing arrangements at Northwestern because of limited gender-open housing options. Because of the complications of changing legal sex on official documentation, students like Weinberg sophomores Chase Stokes and Ezra Okeson, both transgender men, face obstacles when getting their preferred housing arrangements.

— Christopher Vazquez

4. NU alumna protests against Chicago-based poke chain

When Hannah Ii-Epstein (SPS ’18) heard that Aloha Poke Co. was sending cease-and-desist letters to businesses for using the words “Aloha” and “Aloha Poke” to sell food, she joined a Chicago-based movement against the food chain.

— Jessica Liu, Christopher Vasquez

5. A video portrait of election day in Evanston

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Northwestern students and Evanston residents voted in the midterm elections at Patten Gymnasium and Parkes Hall.

— Christopher Vazquez, Jessica Liu, Do Hun Yang, Brian Meng, Harrison Tremarello, Isabel Gitten

6. Our opinion editors’ guide to surviving the holidays with relatives

Opinion editors Alex and Marissa give some serious (and not so serious) tips for how to survive going home for the holidays.

— Marissa Martinez, Alex Schwartz, Christopher Vazquez