EPD investigates home invasion

Amelia Langas, Development & Recruitment Editor

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At around 11:50 a.m. Tuesday, the Evanston Police Department responded to a call regarding a burglary in the 100 block of Burnham Place in south Evanston.

According to an EPD news release, the 82-year-old woman whose house had been the subject of the burglary told responding officers that she had answered her door after hearing a knock. A man was at the door, and he said there was a problem with the sewer next door. He also said he wanted to come in and repair the woman’s sewer system.

The woman said there was nothing wrong with her system and closed the door, but the man pushed open the door and entered her home, knocking the woman to the floor. Three more men entered the house, asking the woman for money. Some of them searched the second floor while the others restrained the woman.

Then the men left, driving westbound in a white SUV. The woman told Evanston police that she was missing a pair of gold earrings and a bracelet. She suffered minor injuries and refused medical attention.

The men were described as about 25 years old. Police are currently investigating.

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