University received at least 81 accusations of sexual misconduct policy violations in 2017

Graphic by Katie Pach. In 2017, the University received 187 reports of sexual misconduct policy violations.

Graphic by Katie Pach. In 2017, the University received 187 reports of sexual misconduct policy violations.

Cameron Cook, Assistant Campus Editor

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This story was updated on Friday, Nov. 30 at 5 p.m. to clarify that some of the reports may have been counted twice. 187 is the maximum number of violations that could have occurred.

An Office of Equity report published earlier this month notes between 81 and 187 reported violations of the University’s sexual misconduct policy during 2017.

Twenty-eight reports of sexual violence, — nonconsensual sexual penetration or contact — 17 reports of domestic violence and 36 reports of stalking made by or on behalf of students were reported to the University, 72 of which reportedly took place on Northwestern’s Evanston campus. Another 62 reports of sexual violence, 32 reports of domestic violence and 12 reports of stalking were made anonymously — some of these reports could have been counted multiple times by various campus confidential resources.

However, the report only only includes those violations that were considered violations under the Illinois law — the Title IX office received 81 reports that fit within the Illinois parameters, and some that fell outside the parameters of the law, said Title IX coordinator Colleen Johnston.

The University did not resolve 70 of the reports because it had insufficient information or jurisdiction or honored a student’s request not to move forward with an investigation. Of the two sexual violence investigations completed in 2017, one respondent was expelled from Northwestern. Four complaints from previous years were decided — only one person was found responsible and excluded from NU.

Another respondent to a claim of domestic violence was expelled, while one accused of stalking was expelled and another suspended.

The University may, but is not required to investigate violations that reportedly take place off-campus.

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