Blotter: Evanston man arrested for possession of cannabis

Amelia Langas, Development & Recruitment Editor

An Evanston man was arrested Monday in the 1300 block of Wilder Street for possession of marijuana.

An Evanston Police Department officer was running speed enforcement at Crain Street and Ridge Avenue around 3:37 p.m. Monday when a car passed at a speed of 38 mph in a 25 mph zone, Evanston police Cmdr. Ryan Glew said.

The officer stopped the vehicle at Asbury Avenue and Wilder Street. When the officer informed the driver why he had been pulled over, the officer smelled unburnt cannabis inside the vehicle.

After asking the man to step out of the vehicle, the officer found four small bags containing a leafy green substance in the man’s left pocket, Glew said. The 28-year-old informed the officer that he had about an ounce of marijuana still in the car which was located in a Popeyes box in the back seat.

The man was arrested for possession of what amounted to 71.5 grams of marijuana.

Burglary reported in Evanston

Between 7:50 a.m. and 5:43 p.m. Monday, a burglary occurred in the 900 block of Elmwood Avenue.

A 29-year-old female resident of an apartment building in the location discovered that the door to another unit in the building was open. She called the police, Glew said.

Officers arrived on the scene and observed a door frame in the basement that appeared to be broken. The door from the basement to one unit was also unsecured. Upon further investigation, officers found the door to a second unit was pried open.

The state of the doors to the basement and the units were consistent with signs of forced entry. A PlayStation 4, valued at $250, was the only thing stolen.

Officers spoke with a witness, a 47-year-old resident of a neighboring building, who said she observed two men walk to the back of the burglarized apartment building between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. However, it is unknown if these men are the offenders.

EPD is currently investigating.

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