ASG-funded groups complete CARE training on sexual violence, positive sexuality


Alison Albelda/Daily Senior Staffer

Emily Ash presents a powerpoint about CARE training on sexual violence. Leaders of ASG-funded student groups completed a CARE training in the spring.

Alison Albelda, Assistant Photo Editor

Leaders from almost all student groups funded by Associated Student Government completed a training in positive sexuality and survivor support in the spring as part of an effort to fight sexual violence and promote healthy sexuality on campus.

Last year, ASG passed a resolution mandating that two members of the executive boards from every ASG-funded student organization are required to attend training provided by the Center for Awareness, Response and Education in order to receive their funding.

Executive vice president Emily Ash presented statistics related to the completion of training by student leaders, and noted that 100 percent of the group leaders delegated by A-status groups and 88 percent of delegated leaders from B-status groups had completed their trainings in Spring 2018. The 12 percent of B-status groups noncompliant with the mandate will not be eligible for funding this academic year.

As the executive board continues to promote healthy sexuality and prioritize addressing issues around the Northwestern administration’s support of sexual assault survivors, Ash noted that CARE training “is obviously one very small step in a much larger structural problem.”

The goals of the training included dismantling rape culture, teaching proper protocol for reporting sexual assault and teaching student leaders strategies for supporting survivors because student groups have such a profound impact on the student experience. The training is also designed to motivate leaders of student groups to facilitate these conversations.

Response to the training has been overall positive from students and student leaders alike, said speaker of the senate Adam Downing.

“This is something that students are really passionate about,” he said. “(Senate) really stepped up and said ‘it’s time for us to create some legislation,’ and that makes sure that we have an informed campus.”

A news release from ASG also stated that the trainings were a success and that even students who were originally skeptical of taking the time for the sessions “got something out of the training.”

Another training will take place in 2019 for newly transitioned leaders, according to the release.

Elections were also held for four positions on the Rules Committee. The committee oversees the trials and hearings for impeachments of senators or executive board members.

In addition, this quarter is the first time that ASG has introduced an inclusive measure in their membership structure — this means that all applicants to committees will be accepted, Ash told The Daily.

“We welcomed nearly 70 new members to the organization this fall and expect this will set an example for other student organizations to practice barrier-free involvement,” she said.

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