Blotter: Two women arrested in connection with disorderly conduct

Sophie Mann, Digital Development and Recruitment Editor

An Evanston resident and a Palatine resident were arrested in connection with violating a city ordinance on disorderly conduct in west Evanston on Tuesday evening.

Officers noticed a woman in the alley in the 1900 block of Dodge Avenue pick up a stick and attempt to strike another woman, Evanston police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan said.

One of the women said the two had ongoing disputes, including physical and verbal altercations, Dugan said. The altercation ended with one of the women spraying mace at the other woman.

They were both charged with city ordinance disorderly conduct.

Man arrested in connection with aggravated assault at Evanston Hospital

A Des Plaines resident was arrested in connection with aggravated assault at Evanston Hospital in north Evanston on Tuesday night.

An officer was on prisoner watch at the hospital, 2650 Ridge Ave., when a man came into the emergency room saying he was looking for the prisoner, Dugan said. When the officer told the man he couldn’t see the prisoner, the man began walking toward the officer with his fists clenched.

Dugan said the officer told the man he would get arrested unless he left the hospital, and the man told the officer to shoot him. An assist unit arrived and took the man into custody.

He was charged with aggravated assault, a misdemeanor.

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