Evanston Police Department makes use of newly-updated nuisance premises ordinance

Ben Winck, Assistant City Editor

Evanston police are for the first time using measures laid out by the city’s newly-updated nuisance premises ordinance.

The department recently identified a rental property that has increasingly been the subject of neighborhood complaints, a news release said. The nuisance premises ordinance allows police to arrange meetings with a property owner after a number of property violations or instances of police activity occur.

Evanston police met with the property’s landlord after increased complaints and a recent aggravated offense that occurred on the property, resulting in the arrest of armed gang members.

City Council most recently altered the nuisance premises ordinance in June. The updates include classifying criminal offenses into two categories, aggravated and non-aggravated offenses, which can initiate the nuisance premises process. The former includes homicide and theft, while the latter focuses on non-violent crimes such as fire code violations and prostitution.

Police and the landlord formed specific recommendations for the landlord to fulfill.

Once the agreement is made, the landlord will have 30 days to execute the corrective actions.

Because the property owner complied with Evanston police and formed a joint agreement, the department will not reveal the landlord’s identity or the property’s location. The police will follow up with the property to make sure the corrective actions are taken by both the landlord and the property’s residents.

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