Democrats lose supermajority in Illinois House

Stavros Agorakis, A&E Editor

Gov. Bruce Rauner and state Republicans broke the Democrats’ supermajority in the Illinois House late Tuesday night, getting rid of the opposing party’s veto power.

Republicans remain the minority party in the House of Representatives, holding 51 seats to the Democrats’ 67. The lack of a Democratic supermajority means they would have difficulty overriding a veto from the governor on state budget bills.

Illinois ended its budget impasse in June by passing a stopgap spending bill. Previous to that, the state endured a year-long budget crisis.

“Voters stated clearly that they wish to maintain a wide Democratic majority in the Illinois House of Representatives and maintain a strong check on Bruce Rauner and his anti-middle class agenda,” House Speaker Mike Madigan said in a written statement.

Rauner and Illinois Republicans poured tens of millions of dollars into campaigns of state House races.

The incumbent Democrats lost five House seats in Port, Peru, Kankakee, Marion and Woodstock counties. Incumbent Republicans lost a seat in Edwardsville.

Democratic representatives said they will continue to resist Rauner’s agenda.

“Democrats value the voters’ trust, and we will continue to protect the middle class and those who don’t have access to billionaires and lobbyists,” Madigan said in the statement.

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