Best Place for Dinner with the Family: Farmhouse


Daily file photo by Zack Laurence

Farmhouse Evanston started a new mac and cheese take-out restaurant out of their kitchen, known as a ghost kitchen.

David Fishman, Reporter

Farmhouse, situated in the heart of downtown Evanston at 703 Church St., features a simple but well executed cuisine consisting largely of comfort food fitting for both the 4-year-old sister and the 50-year-old dad. Menu highlights include Wisconsin cheese curds served with spicy curd sauce and a 100 percent grass-fed beef burger with tavern-cut french fries. The self-described “midwestern craft tavern” also has a vast beer list, packed with drinks from Evanston’s own Temperance Beer Company all the way to Surly Brewing Co. from Minneapolis.

From the outside, this American-themed restaurant looks just like that of a midwestern barn, complete with bales of hay and empty milk urns in the summertime. But on the inside, it utilizes repurposed materials to create a rustic hipster vibe that calls into question just what kind of “midwestern” barn you’re dining in. Mason jar drinks and Instagram-ready dishes suggest this local joint packs more punch than your average backyard barn house, with plenty of space at high top tables and private dining rooms for the whole family.

Dinner options change weekly and are divided into “First Harvest” and “Main Harvest,” and range anywhere from $5 for potato chips and goat cheese dip to a $26-short rib with sweet potato pierogi. Farmhouse also has a solid brunch, served only on the weekend, reservations recommended. Most of the entrees fall just beyond the average college student’s budget, making Farmhouse an ideal place to utilize mom or dad’s credit card.

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