Best Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s


Sophie Mann/Daily Senior Staffer

Remy Afong, Reporter

As constantly starving college students, we all need a relatively affordable grocery store to stock our rooms with nutritious food. Whole Foods and Jewel-Osco may be solid options, but Trader Joe’s combination of affordability and variety makes it this year’s Best Grocery Store winner.

Trader Joe’s offers a diverse selection of goods you can’t find anywhere else. From cookie butter to ice cream mochi to crispy snap peas to chocolate covered espresso beans, you can’t go wrong with the store’s snack and dessert selections. The grocery heaven also has meals for all occasions; its salads and wraps are perfect for when you’re or the go or between classes, and the frozen section is prime for those late night drunchies and study sessions.  

Yet another perk: Trader Joe’s offers delicious samples and free coffee. A lot of its items are organic or gluten-free and many items are healthier than their brand name counterparts.

Although Trader Joe’s isn’t quite walking distance from campus, you can seize the opportunity to saunter over to the store to avoid a trip to Henry Crown Sports Pavilion — grocery bags make the perfect weights. But understandably, if walking is a struggle, take note that there’s an Intercampus Shuttle stop just a few blocks away.

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