Police respond to reported burglary at Northwestern student residence


Zack Laurence/The Daily Northwestern

Police respond to a reported burglary in the 2000 block of Maple Avenue. Three suspects were taken into police custody, Evanston police Cmdr. Melissa Sacluti said.

Marissa Page, City Editor

Evanston police responded to a reported burglary in the 2000 block of Maple Avenue at a Northwestern student residence on Tuesday night, police said.

Evanston police Cmdr. Melissa Sacluti said there had been a disagreement about a stolen iPad and three young adults reportedly forced entry into the residence to try to recover the device. Police received a call at 9:50 p.m. and arrived at the residence two minutes later, Sacluti said.

A 21-year-old NU student and resident of the home said that someone in the home called the police after the three suspects forced their way into the home. He said the three people tried to escape after the police were called, but officers had surrounded the area.

“Essentially we were trying to organize an exchange where (one of my roommates) fixed up a MacBook Air for the person who stole his iPad in return for the iPad,” he said. “Instead, the person came over with two other people and then busted their way into the house without the iPad just to take our MacBook Air and they were threatening us.”

Evanston Police Chief Richard Eddington said an unknown number of officers was deployed to the residence. Sacluti said she was not sure whether the three suspects who broke into the residence had any affiliation to NU, and she said the alleged trespassers may have been intoxicated.

Eddington said he had received no report of anyone being injured, and both Eddington and Sacluti said they did not know if the three young adults were armed but said they did not believe they were.

This post was updated Wednesday morning at 2:40 a.m. Bobby Pillote contributed reporting.

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