Student-run food delivery service opens Thursday


Daily file photo by Daniel Tian

Kemper Hall’s kitchen is home to the cooking operations of Indulge. The new food delivery service is an EPIC Launch Program project started by four Northwestern students.

Evelyn Metric, Reporter

Four students started a food delivery service Thursday on North Campus in which they will cook food in the Kemper Hall kitchen and deliver it to students’ rooms in 15 minutes or less.

The delivery service, called Indulge, is an EPIC Launch Program project that was created by Communication freshman Barr Balamuth after he found himself missing home-cooked meals.

“We didn’t really think Lisa’s was serving their customers that well,” Balamuth said. “It’s not the food you necessarily want when you’re coming home. We wanted to give people something a little more delicious and interesting.”

Balamuth enlisted the help of Weinberg sophomore William Skinner and Weinberg freshmen Jake Bortz and Zach Moore.

“Ordering food takes forever and it’s really expensive,” Skinner said. “People go to Lisa’s but the food isn’t that good and it doesn’t deliver, so we figured we could do something like Lisa’s but with better food and then deliver it to people.”

SESP junior Garrett Goehring helped Indulge get started through EPIC, a student group that promotes on-campus entrepreneurship.

“(Launch) is providing an educational space for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and don’t have the experience to start their first companies,” Goehring said. “We start off in the fall teaching them very basic concepts and they form their own ideas.”

Goehring said he and the rest of the Launch team will help Indulge problem-solve when they encounter roadblocks as well as help them perfect their business plans and projections.

At the moment, Indulge is only delivering to Bobb Hall and the fraternity quad, but Bortz said they hope to expand to Elder Hall, Sargent Hall, the rest of North Campus and eventually to South Campus.

“If it gets big enough and we get enough revenue to hire enough workers, then we’re going to start to scope out spots on South Campus where we can cook and deliver,” Bortz said. “We’ll have to see if there’s enough interest in employees in order to make it work.”

Balamuth said they also hope to offer groceries and other necessities in the future if the demand is high enough. Their goal is to supply students with the things they need late at night that they can find at home, he said.

Indulge had a soft opening Thursday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and will serve grilled cheese for the first week, Skinner said. In the future, they will expand the menu to include items such as macaroni and cheese, French fries and chicken wings, he said.

“We want to give you the stuff you would make at your own home,” Balamuth said about the menu.

Students can order via Facebook and Instagram and pay through Venmo or with cash once their food is delivered.

Balamuth said the group is excited to offer students high-quality food after hours when people are returning to their rooms after being out for the night. Next week, Indulge will be open Thursday through Sunday from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m.

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