Balancing Without a Budget

Daily file photo by Paige Leskin

Illinois is in its sixth month without a budget, leaving Evanston questioning how much will be cut from its state funding. Since July 1, when the state entered its next fiscal year without direction for its finances, Evanston has been preparing for up to $1.5 million in state slashes. As state politicians remain at odds over budget proposals, the city continues to prepare for the worst.

Winter 2015-16: Evanston braces for likely cuts while state inches towards compromise

Illinois social services cuts to continue with lack of state budget

Rauner proposes options for budget stalemate in annual address

State political leaders open negotiations in fifth month without a budget

Gov. Bruce Rauner approves release of fuel tax revenue to local governments

City manager nixes end-of-year furlough day

Daniel Biss: Evanston might not see a budget until November 2016

Fall 2015: Evanston officials take action to secure city finances without a state budget in place

Evanston school officials fear state cuts amid Illinois budget impasse

Illinois House passes bill to release revenue to local governments during budget impasse

Community members express grievances over state budget impasse

Evanston staff funding uncertain without fuel tax revenue

Aldermen urge movement in state budget impasse

Aldermen postpone Harley Clarke Mansion talks until state budget cuts certain

Aldermen talk budget, tax increases with state funding still in question

Evanston raises parking violation fees

Evanston increases ambulance fees

Evanston social services cope with Illinois budget stalemate

City Council moves forward on department reorganizations, budget-building measures

Summer 2015: Evanston considers remedies for likely state slashes  

Evanston City Council mulls furlough day, hiring freeze

Evanston staff considers potential cuts to balance upcoming state slashes

Evanston staff, human services providers await cuts amid state budget stalemate

Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoes vast majority of budget bills

Winter/Spring 2015: State forecasts budget cuts

Rauner budget would slash state funding for Alzheimer’s research, care

Evanston city manager unveils plans for major changes to services, department structures

Evanston could see $3.75 million in cut funds from Rauner’s proposed budget