More swastikas, racist graffiti found in library

Tyler Pager, Campus Editor

Two more incidents of racist and anti-Semitic graffiti were reported at University Library on Wednesday.

University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said police found a swastika drawn in pencil in a third floor study room. Police also found a Star of David drawn in ink pen on the walls of a different third-floor study room. McAleer said the image might have previously been a swastika.

Police also found disparaging remarks toward African Americans written near the elevators on the fifth floor. Those were also written in pencil and removed.

Racist and anti-Semitic graffiti was also reported at the library this weekend. Police found a swastika and derogatory remarks about African Americans in the men’s fourth-floor restroom.

McAleer said police are investigating the incidents. He said it is unclear if they are related.

University President Morton Schapiro sent a campus-wide email Tuesday in response to the first reports of graffiti.

“The investigation by University Police has determined there is no immediate danger to any specific individual or to the larger campus community,” Schapiro said in the email. “However, these acts are offensive to the entire Northwestern community and will not be tolerated.”

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