Evanston seeks project proposals for Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center

Marissa Page, Assistant City Editor

Evanston announced it is accepting proposals from businesses or organizations to “lease, equip and fully operate” the Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center’s recording studio and cafe, the city announced.

The recording studio, which includes a control room, studio and isolation booth, makes up about 400 of the 5,000squarefoot facility, and the cafe kitchen spans about 200 square feet. Organizations and businesses interested in the space are invited to a walk-through and question-and-answer session at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 9, at the center, according to the city. Letters of intent are due by noon on Friday, April 17.

Formerly known as the Boocoo Cultural Center, the Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center, 1823 Church St., is currently under construction. The Center has been closed since it was foreclosed upon in October. Currently city property, the center was renamed in February after two entrepreneurs, Thomas Gibbs and William H. “Doc” Morrison, who formerly operated businesses on that block.

The space is scheduled to open in June and will be operated by the City’s ParksRecreation and Community Services Department to provide “programs focused on culture, education, health/wellness and outreach,” according to a city news release.

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