Dance Marathon selects 2016 executive co-chairs

Olivia Exstrum, Managing Editor

Weinberg junior Kevin Harris and Medill junior Arielle Miller will be the 2016 Dance Marathon executive co-chairs, DM announced Wednesday in a Facebook post.

Harris and Miller will lead the executive board for DM’s 42nd year. They will succeed Weinberg seniors Ander Aretakis and David Ryan, the event’s 2015 co-chairs.

“This year I was lucky enough to be a public relations co-chair, which was a phenomenal experience,” Miller said. “I could not be more excited to continue growing the incredible legacy that this past year has represented for NUDM 2016.”

Harris was also on the organization’s executive board this year as corporate relations co-chair. He said he looks forward to working with Miller again next year.

“I’m super excited to get started right away with what we can do with DM 2016,” he said.

Harris said the co-chair role is a “little bit of everything.” Harris and Miller will work with each committee, represent DM, set the organization’s goals and work with beneficiaries, Harris said.

One of the co-chairs’ first jobs will be to aid in the beneficiary selection process, Harris said. Ryan, the outgoing co-chair, said the beneficiary application is due this week and will be chosen at the end of May.

“We were really impressed with the overall vision (Harris and Miller) presented for the upcoming year, especially their ability to look at DM in the overall picture,” Ryan said. “We were thrilled with the way they approached their ideas for the position and the ideas that they highlighted for DM to move forward and make it the best year yet.”

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