Best Pizza: Lou Malnati’s

Hayley Glatter, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Lou Malnati’s losing the Best Pizza category would have been like Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes losing to the Monstars in “Space Jam.” That is to say, it would have been impossible and heartbreaking.

Lou Malnati’s has been serving up its mouth-watering pizza pies for more than four decades, and that kind of experience is reflected in flavor. From traditional cheese to the crowd-pleasing Malnati Chicago Classic, pizzas for thin crust and deep-dish lovers alike can be found at Lou’s, 1850 Sherman Ave.

Having grown up in the Chicago suburbs, deep dish pizza holds a special place in my heart. When my friends return to the Windy City from dreadful places like Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Bloomington, Indiana, Lou’s is one of the first places they stop for a reason. The gooey cheese, sweet pizza sauce and fresh toppings are the ultimate pizza triple threat. And don’t even get me started on the flaky butter crust: It’s the feature that truly sets Lou’s apart from other restaurants and seemingly has magical powers to transform naysayers into deep dish devotees.

So, to all you New Yorkers out there with your flimsy pizza and folded slices: The best pie in Evanston is our lovable Lou’s “casserole.” Just as it should be.

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