Northwestern’s summer construction projects on schedule

Northwestern is undergoing several construction projects this summer. These include both longer-term renovations in addition to short-term projects.

Tyler Pager/Daily Senior Staffer

Northwestern is undergoing several construction projects this summer. These include both longer-term renovations in addition to short-term projects.

Stephanie Kelly, Reporter

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More than 15 construction projects are underway on campus, including several long-term renovations and other smaller scale projects.

The construction updates for Norris University Center, Scott Hall and University Library will be finished by Labor Day, although most of the other summer projects will be completed during September or earlier, said Dave Grosskopf, a project manager. Grosskopf noted some ongoing projects including work being done on the Technological Institute, the Music and Communication Building and Kresge Hall will take longer to complete.

Most of the buildings undergoing summer construction projects have remained open and accessible, Grosskopf said.

“We have to work around existing operations,” he said. “Sometimes we relocate people temporarily and sometimes we just ask them to bear with it for a couple days.”

Grosskopf said to avoid disrupting members of the faculty, he puts schedules and drawings of the projects he is in charge of on the Facilities Management website so staff members can plan their work around the construction.

Clare Roccaforte, director of public relations at University Library, said she has not experienced any inconveniences at the library as a result of the construction.

“Most of what is happening at the library is happening externally or in the basement,” she said. “So I don’t think that library staff and patrons have been impacted much at all.”

No businesses in Norris have been authorized to close, Grosskopf said.

The Starbucks located in Norris, which has been closed this summer, will be getting a “refresh,” Schaefer said. Its closure is not due to the other construction occurring at Norris. 

Grosskopf added that Facilities Management works to cooperate with staff when scheduling construction projects.

Facilities Management planned to close Norris’ west entrance on days Norris staff said there would be low traffic at the center. Kelly Schaefer, executive director of Norris, said this construction has been planned for a long time.

However, Grosskopf said there have been some setbacks.

The roof of Norris has severely clogged drains, forcing Facilities Management to work on that area for longer than expected and in a different area than originally planned. Grosskopf said instead of creating any disturbances, the construction crew plans to come in to repair the damage during the off-hours.

“Now we have a plan to go in and chase these roof drains,” he said. “We’ll still be on schedule.”

Norris staff members have been cooperative during this setback, Grosskopf said.

“They’re of the same mindset,” he said. “The show must go on. You have to work around problems and get it done.”