Street Style Inspiration: Earth tones

Kendall Siewert, Columnist

WHO: Cheyenne Blount, Medill junior

WHAT: A patterned scarf, a two-tone jacket, a mauve miniskirt, brown tights and dark brown boots

WHERE: Outside Scott Hall

WHY:  I was really inspired by Cheyenne’s use of color. She chose a palette of mainly reds and browns but broke up the monochromatic feel with a yellow and cream scarf. Her look works because the colors on the top half are punchier, so the lower half appears to all blend together despite the different shades.

THE BREAKDOWN: Her jacket is the true standout. This piece almost appears to be a vest layered over another sweater due to the different colored sleeves, but it’s actually one item. The sleeves also have a motif on the elbow, which is a great way to incorporate pattern in a subtle way. Her brown tights have a subtle vertical stripe on them that creates a great texture and breaks up all the similar hues. Finally, her ankle boots are trendy but also practical for walking around campus all day.

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