Best People-Watching Spot: Norris University Center

Paulina Firozi, Editor in Chief

1999 Campus Drive, 847-491-2300,

Without getting too sentimental, I’ll say that Norris is my favorite spot on campus. Not just because I am the most loyal customer to Starbucks/Norbucks you’ve ever met and have a new-found appreciation for Hazelnut Macchiatos, and not just because I live in the offices of The Daily, but because Norris is a place to get inspired. People-watching is taken to another level when you’re in Norris. It’s not just a great place to overhear strange conversations about how cold it is outside, or how last night at La Macchina was, but it’s a place to watch and listen as Northwestern student’s brilliant wheels are turning. The couches and chairs next to Norbucks and on the ground floor are great places to meet with a group for a class project, but it’s the third floor of Norris that stands out for me. It’s where a lot of student groups have their offices and meetings and find themselves deep into the night. The brightest minds and most amazing groups are found strutting around on the third floor like they own the place. Associated Student Government, Dance Marathon, the many many theatre groups who have more talent in one pinkie than I have in my whole body — more than anything, the students that work in these groups are my peers, and Norris is where you can see them hard at work and be inspired to do the same.

— Paulina Firozi