Best Bakery: Bennison’s Bakery

Alice Yin, Reporter

1000 Davis St., 847-328-9434,

For the sweet tooth, there is nothing like Bennison’s. Upon entrance, customers are greeted by looming rows of multi-layer cakes topped by an assortment of sugar frosting roses and icing ribbons. Almost every possible baked good is present. Macaroons painted with delicate shades of lilac and rose pink line the top shelf. Pieces of custard, éclairs, lemon bars, and marzipan lie there sumptuously, soon to be settled in a hungry student’s stomach.

Beside the overwhelming surfeit of dessert, there is also a tray of fresh breakfast pastries and croissants. Loaves of lush bread are assorted on top of the counter. A faint whiff of coffee and mocha floats around the corner for washing down bites of cake and glazing. For both last-minute treats and indulgences for a friend’s birthday, cupcakes wearing decorated coats of colored icing are waiting to be consumed.

It is a dentist’s worst nightmare, and a student’s favorite guilty pleasure. With two certified Master Bakers and a guarantee of fresh ingredients such as eggs and buttermilk, Bennison’s is the prime choice for a college student’s freshmen 15.

— Alice Yin