Best Place to Warm Up During the Polar Vortex: Starbucks

Hayley Glatter, Copy Chief

1734 Sherman Ave., 847-492-0490,

There is nothing quite like the bone-chilling winds of a polar vortex to make you remember what’s really important in life. Coffee, for instance, is clearly a necessity, so it’s no surprise Starbucks is Evanston’s best location to wait out sub-zero temperatures.

With a sprawling store filled with comfortable couches, friendly baristas and ample study space, Starbucks is the perfect place to cozy up until a bout of bad weather subsides. With a newly expanded food and wine menu, you could theoretically avoid going outside and eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and multiple snacks inside Starbucks. Also, hiding from the arctic tundra is the perfect opportunity to try out a new drink you may have been hesitant about before. Plus, with thousands of drink options, it’s not like your palate will get bored while you wait for a spring that may never actually arrive.

The store’s relaxed atmosphere also makes it conducive to waiting out a polar vortex. The mellow lighting and pseudo-hipster playlists make Starbucks a great place to catch up with some frozen friends or catch up on some homework. Chilling out while you warm up is best accomplished at Evanston’s Starbucks, making the global coffee powerhouse quite the winner.

— Hayley Glatter