Two Northwestern students get top monthly scores on international aptitude test

Ally Mutnick, Campus Editor

Two Northwestern students earned monthly top scores on the January Bloomberg Aptitude Test, an international exam used to assess students’ readiness for a career in the business world.

Weinberg junior Yoni Muller, a Daily columnist, and another NU student whose name was not disclosed, got the first and second place scores respectively. Both won a spot in the test’s Hall of Fame for January 2014.

The test, given on college campuses each month, tests students in eight areas: investment banking, chart and graph analysis, economics, math, analytical reasoning, news analysis, global markets and financial statements analysis.

Fourteen students earned the top three scores, with Muller and a student from the London School of Economics and Political Science sharing the top spot in the Hall of Fame. The undisclosed NU student won second place along with four other students from the U.S., Ireland and Canada. 

Muller, who scored in the 99th percentile, had the fifth highest score for 2015 undergraduates in the All Time Hall of Fame. He also received the No. 1 score out of all students who live in North and South America and took the exam in January. 

Since the website began posting scores in March 2013, NU students have not achieved the top score on any list before now.

Employers can request resumes and reach out to students after viewing their scores on the exam. 

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