Northwestern not in top 25 for sending alums to Peace Corps for first time in 13 years

Ally Mutnick, Campus Editor

For the first time in 13 years, Northwestern did not make the list of top-25 colleges sending graduates to the Peace Corps.

Last year NU ranked 18th among the 25 top medium-sized colleges and universities, with 23 graduates volunteering in the corps. The University has been dropping in the rankings for the last few years. After placing 11th with 27 volunteers in the 2010 list, NU dropped to 15th place in 2011 and then 18th place in 2012.

 In the organization’s annual list, NU falls in the medium-sized category of colleges with between 5,000 and 15,000 students. The University has made the list for the last 13 years, according to a February 2013 news release.

A typical Peace Corps term lasts 27 months. In February 2013, the University announced that NU alumni were serving in 17 countries including Swaziland, Cambodia, Ecuador and Ukraine. Since the Peace Corps’ founding in 1961, nearly 1,000 NU alumni have served, according to the 2013 University news release.

In 2004, NU took 17th place on the list with 29 graduates volunteering. The University dropped from its eighth place spot in 2003 when they had 35 volunteers.

The George Washington University and the University of Virginia have consistently taken the top rankings in the midsized colleges category from 2003 to 2012, according to the Peace Corps. Western Washington University has topped the list the last two years, with 73 alumni volunteers in 2013 and 65 in 2014.

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