Mariachi NU brings energy to holiday classics

Tyler Pager, Reporter

This holiday season may look and sound a little different — that is, if you’re going to be serenaded by Mariachi Northwestern. Although its repertoire contains holiday classics such as “Merry Christmas,” the band blends the traditional melodies with a Hispanic twist.

Alejandro Serrano, a singer in the band, said the variety of instruments contributes to the group’s distinct sound.

“The fact that we can all come together, and we can all sing, I would say gives it more of a kick,” the Weinberg sophomore said. “There is just more energy being put into the music than you would hear it from listening to it on the radio.”

Mariachi NU is composed of 13 members from all six schools and different backgrounds. Founder and president Daniel Flores said audiences are attracted to the group’s diversity.

“The make-up of our group, being so diverse, I think anyone that listens to us immediately gravitates towards the music and really embraces it because they can see someone like themselves in the group,” the Communication senior said. “They just enjoy the music in that sense even though they may have not been exposed to it before.”

The band kicked off its holiday season at Evanston’s Holiday Bash, where it performed at different stores in downtown Evanston. ASG senator Isaac Rappoport, a member of the community relations committee, said the group was selected to perform because of its high energy and uniqueness.

“The minute anybody sees them, they smile,” the Weinberg freshman said. “It’s not hard to understand what a Mariachi band is, but it’s something you didn’t expect … so I think people really like it.”

Flores added that Mariachi NU’s performances embody the holiday spirit.

“It’s just a very lively, bright sound to Mariachi, and that’s the same kind of vibe you get during the holiday season,” he said. “You get very excited or high energy and just having that sound to Mariachi — they pair pretty well.”

Mariachi NU’s next performances will be Dec. 12 at Sheil Catholic Center for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Jan. 23 at Willard Elementary School.

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