Halftime Reaction: Northwestern 6, Michigan 3

Rohan Nadkarni, Gameday Editor

The key: 


Northwestern showed why it’s 0-5 in the Big Ten, and Michigan showed why it’s an underdog to a team 0-5 in the Big Ten. Both teams dropped passes, the Wildcats dropped three interceptions and the Wolverines missed a field goal.

NU’s defense has impressed, especially in its discipline on quarterback scrambles. However, the offense cannot pick up its teammates on the other side of the ball, much like in every other game this season.

A two-minute drive at the end of the half built a little confidence, but can the Cats’ offense really be trusted after more than a month of inconsistency? Unsurprisingly, the final drive stalled in the red zone and resulted in a field goal.

What Northwestern needs to win:

Open up the playbook.

Coach Pat Fitzgerald attempted a fourth down conversion early in the game, briefly inspiring hope that the Cats would start playing more loose. Instead, the staff tightened up, and NU hasn’t shown much creativity for a team with nothing to lose at this point in the season.

If the Cats want to win, they should stop playing so conservatively. Go for it on fourth downs. Throw down the field. Run a trick play or two. Anything to break the monotony of a five-game losing streak.

— Rohan Nadkarni