ASG official pleased with results of fall light walk

Sophia Bollag, Copy Chief

When representatives from Evanston, Northwestern and Associated Student Government toured streets surrounding campus Tuesday night, they found fewer lighting problems than they expected, community relations vice president Kevin Harris said.

The annual fall light walk covered areas around North Campus from Foster Street to Ridge Avenue and was meant to complement the spring light walk that toured more southern streets. Officials pinpointed 19 problem areas following that walk, which included parts of Garrett Place, Orrington Avenue, Simpson Street, Sherman Avenue, Hamlin Street, Maple Avenue, Emerson Street, Sheridan Road, Foster Street and Library Place.

In addition to members of Harris’ committee, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, Tony Kirchmeier, director of off-campus life and representatives from Evanston’s public works department, NU Facilities Management, University Police and Evanston Police Department also participated in the Light Walk.

“We had a great turnout,” Harris said after Wednesday’s ASG Senate meeting.

The report from the Light Walk will be released and given to the city sometime next week, the Weinberg sophomore said.

“It went well. I was pleasantly surprised,” he said. “There just seemed to be less issues in general compared to past light walks.”

— Sophia Bollag