ASG-backed petition on student loans to be delivered to Congress

Sophia Bollag, Summer Reporter

Associated Student Government president Ani Ajith is among more than 100 student body presidents who have signed a petition against a looming increase of student loan interest rates to be presented to Congress on Thursday.

At its final meeting earlier this month, ASG Senate passed emergency legislation pledging its support of Ajith backing the cause.

“We’re fully behind it,” Ajith, a rising Weinberg senior, said tonight. “We’re looking forward to tomorrow.”

(Senate votes to consider major representation changes over summer)

The petition was organized by the Georgetown University Student Association and asks Congress to prevent interest rates on government-subsidized Stafford loans from doubling July 1. They are scheduled to increase from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent.

“It’s a democratic expression from the generation it affects the most,” Ajith said of the petition. “It should show our representatives in Congress that this is a very important issue.”

Sophia Bollag