Best place to study: Charles Deering Library

Manuel Rapada, Breaking News Editor

1970 Campus Drive,

Deering redefines what it means to be distracted at a library. After passing underneath the engraved on the facade and opening the reopened wooden doors, students will fall in love with the Gothic architecture and stained glass windows. There was a reason this was in the viewbook, right? Now, do not expect the fanciest furniture or early morning studying (darn early closings!) at Deering. But the natural light shining through glass, detailed architecture above and relatively quiet students make for an amazing study atmosphere. Need a study break? Wander into University Archives for a look at Northwestern’s past. Walk around the Art Collections to see the many busts and portraits. And when you must abandon your local Hogwarts for the main library, look for the path that connects Deering and 3 South. Some points deducted for lacking a moving staircase, though. — Manuel Rapada