Five Words for Jason Collins

Five Words for Jason Collins

Elizabeth Freda, Reporter

Jason Collins came out Monday, becoming the first openly gay player in the NBA, let alone in any of the other major American sports. After his open letter was printed in Sports Illustrated, the nation seemed to rally behind the basketball star and his family despite some expected hateful feedback. Below, The Current and Daily staffers, along with some Northwestern students, express their thoughts on Collins’ bravery in five words.

“Proud to be a Wolverine.” — David Olodort

“I’m surprised he’s the first.” — Becca Rodriguez

“About time someone did it.” — Sam Hart

“The world’s more open today.” — Jeffrey Eisenband

“Hope this starts a trend.” — Ryan Miller

“The catalyst sports have needed.” — Yoni Muller

“A role model for everyone.” — Frank Avino

“Moving in the right direction.” — Laken Howard