Sewer construction causes traffic control on Cleveland Street

Tanner Maxwell, Reporter

A new sewer project to restore existing piping on Cleveland Street began Monday, the city’s utilities department said.

Evanston will work with sewer technology company Insituform to rehabilitate 900 feet of sewer piping on Cleveland Street. Although the project will not require excavation, it will require traffic control.

City workers posted “no parking” signs April 8, cleaned the affected sewers and reduced traffic on the 2200 block of Cleveland Street to one lane. The utilities department said the work will be completed next week.

The utilities department said the resin used in the rehabilitation process may create a strange yet harmless odor.

The city started the project after applying to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s water pollution control loan program. The IEPA determined the project may be exempt from environmental impact review.

Similar work will be completed on Central Park Avenue, Main Street, Greenleaf Street and Mulford Street. The city will accept public comment about the sewer project through Wednesday. Residents can write to the city clerk or the IEPA’s Bureau of Water.

— Tanner Maxwell