‘Dancer friendship at first sight:’ Two 120 hour club members

Sean Lavery, Reporter

When Communication senior Stacey Lurie met Weinberg senior Amalia Namath, it was dancer friendship at first sight.

“We became friends at DM,” Lurie said. “And every year since we’ve danced together.”

Lurie and Namath will soon be a part of the coveted 120 hour club — after four years of dancing and fundraising together. Namath said the event this year was her favorite yet.

“Because it’s the last one,” she said. “So I’m really just trying to appreciate it in the moment.”

Namath said this year’s primary beneficiary, the Danny Did Foundation, was important for her to support.

“I know people who suffer from seizures,” she said. “It’s hard to understand, for a child to go through that.”

The dancing partners said they stick by some well-tested tactics to make it through all 30 hours. Friends sneak them food, they try to keep a positive attitude, and they suggest people not keep track of time.

“You just got to go hard on the songs that you want to go hard on and rest in between those,” Lurie said.

Lurie said the end of her last Dance Marathon will be bittersweet.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “I hit a wall before, but then I just thought this sunrise is my last so I really have to enjoy it.”