The Week That Was: Week of Jan. 7

Angelene Sun, Writer

Rush begins

It’s that time of the year again. Along with the start of 2013, Winter Quarter brings fraternity and sorority recruitment, AKA the time when the girls around you try to look pretty 24/7 and the guys transform into magical (they think) bros. The whole recruitment process goes on for about a week. For guys, most fraternities started recruiting events Tuesday, and for girls, the process starts Thursday.

ASG launches online platform for student voices

Associated Student Government launched Campus Voice, a platform for students to express opinions and suggestions directly. Northwestern students can now use their netIDs to gain access to the site, where students can vote and comment on the different ideas presented. Seems like ASG president Victor Shao finally remembered to keep his election promise.

Summerfest brings summer break options

Here’s a wake-up call to all the people who still haven’t gotten over not being on vacation anymore: Stop posting all those Winter Break party pictures and start thinking about your summer. Summerfest took place noon to 4 p.m. Jan. 8 in Norris. It provided students information on summer programs, fellowships, classes, internships and research opportunities. There were also NU experts offering 20-minute presentations on how to come up with a winning application. In addition to the bountiful information, there were also free snacks — which is probably the only reason why most people went.

Norris Mini Course registration closes this week

Norris Mini Courses for winter kick off Monday. The program offers a wide variety of non-credit, recreational classes ranging from music and arts to sports and meditation. Register for a dance class and salsa your winter weight off. On the other hand, exercise or Frontera Fresco — wonder which one sounds more tempting.