Five Words For: Lindsay Lohan


Source: Wikimedia Commons

The long-awaited Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” premiered Sunday, with Lindsay Lohan’s performance as the highlight.

Alison Abrams, Reporter

The Lifetime Network premiered the much-hyped movie “Liz & Dick” Sunday. The movie is a chronicle of the relationship between film stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and Lindsay Lohan’s performance as Taylor was widely panned. The Daily and Current staffers respond:

“Lindsay spoils potentially befitting roles.” – Sydney Zink

“LiLo gets Worst Accent Emmy.” – Alison Abrams

“You’re playing Liz, not Linds.” – Sam Freedman

“LiLo, The Plastics wouldn’t approve.” – Megan Patsavas

“Don’t call it a comeback.” – Annie Bruce

“Lindsay Lohan as ‘please stop.’” – Khari Shelton

“At least the jewelry rocked.” – Chelsea Peng 

“I miss ‘The Parent Trap.’” — Devan Coggan

“Should’ve stopped at ‘Mean Girls.’” — Chelsea Sherlock

“Well, she’s out of jail…” — Kelsey Ott