Getting in tune with holiday season

Celia Skaggs, Blogger

On a cold night last week, I noticed the first sign of winter here on campus. Walking out of Norris, I was confronted with a thin wall of large snowflakes. And though I’m not particularly looking forward to the constant flurries of a Chicago winter, the first snow always reminds me the holidays are almost here. With classes wrapping up soon, it’s a great time to transition into the music of the season. Whether you’re studying for a final or catching a bus back home, the songs of early winter serve as the perfect soundtrack to this fun (and sometimes chaotic) time of year. Therefore, I’ve created a playlist that keeps in theme with the wintry, Yuletide spirit to help get you prepared and excited for the weeks ahead. Give it a listen here:

<a href="">Wildcat Tracks Holiday Playlist</a>