The Rundown: Week of Nov. 11


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

You can’t meet them in person, but a cheesy 3D movie in a theater full of 12-year-olds is the next best thing.

Haley Boston, Columnist

This week in the lives of the rich and famous …

As if we needed another 3D film about pop singers (when did this become a trend?). On Tuesday, Sony announced plans to produce a movie about the members of One Direction, set for release in August 2013. Making this type of film about an iconic and controversial star like Michael Jackson is understandable, but for a band that’s been in the public eye for maybe a year? There’s only one logical answer: producers are trying to make as much cash as possible before the 1D boys’ 15 minutes are up.

The French masterpiece “The Intouchables” hasn’t even hit Blu-ray in the United States and the industry is already buzzing about the American remake in which Chris Tucker and Colin Firth are rumored to star. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but can’t we let the French filmmakers bask in their own well-deserved Academy Award glory before Americanizing a sincere piece of artwork?

It’s not surprising that ABC has decided to keep airing its new show “Nashville” for the full season. With the exception of “Modern Family,” ABC tends to promote television shows that feel familiar so as to satisfy the unadventurous viewers. Alternatively, maybe Connie Britton is just trying to star in a show on all the different television networks (see “Friday Night Lights” on NBC and “American Horror Story” on FX).

Although the “Twilight” franchise is coming to an end, the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s other young adult novel, “The Host,” is right around the corner. We even discovered a few striking similarities – just compare the poster of this upcoming teen girl obsession to the movie poster of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Hopefully, with lead actress Saoirse Ronan, the similarities between the two won’t go any further than the advertisements.