Mapping out Northwestern with music

Celia Skaggs, Blogger

I’ve always been one of those people who associates music with specific events or places in my life. For example, listening to Kanye West reminds me of driving to summer field hockey practices in high school. Florence + The Machine’s “Ceremonials” album takes me back to afternoon chill sessions in my Prague dorm room last fall. But my time on campus at Northwestern has a music map all its own. From South Beach to the fraternity quad, many of the locations on campus trigger vivid memories of my adventures here and, in turn, the songs that accompanied them. This week, I’ve spent a bit of time creating my personal musical guide to NU, and it’s served as a great reminder of all the fun and crazy things I’ve done. Here are some of my own memories to inspire your NU music map.

Tune into dorm life

I lived in Willard for my first two years at NU, and during my time there I learned two things are true about on-campus living. First, residential hall life often becomes an important part of one’s early college experience. Second, dorm life is loud, y’all! From muffled pregame playlists to late-night impromptu karaoke sessions, dorm soundtracks are a great addition to any college music map.

Jam with campus groups

It’s nearly impossible for me to hear “Bohemian Rhapsody”without flashing back to my past three years as a Dance Marathon participant. If I had to pick one song to define my 90 hours of dancing so far, it would undoubtedly come down to the Queen classic. In many ways, the song defines not only the DM tent itself, but also all of my experiences as a dancer. I have similar theme songs for many of the activities I’ve participated in, and I find they always remind me of some of my favorite events on campus.

Don’t forget the great outdoors

I realize sunny days are few and far between during much of the school year, but I also believe the nicest weather accompanies the most fun soundtrack. From Dillo Day performances to South Beach tanning playlists, the songs of spring and summer at NU often play in sync with the greatest memories of all.

— Celia Skaggs