An introduction to The Shot

Rafi Letzter, Assistant Photo Editor

The Shot is a new Daily blog devoted to images, the stories they tell and the craft of producing them. The Shot will showcase hard news and features, post discussions with photographers and work through a variety of questions surrounding photojournalism.

For The Shot’s inaugural post, Daily photographers — both brand-new contributors and veterans — share their favorite images of campus life from the first few weeks of Fall Quarter.

Sameer Gadhia, lead vocalist of indie band Young the Giant, opens A&O Blowout with “I Got.” Northwestern students sang along with the band’s hit song. (Kaitlin Svabek/Daily Senior Staffer)
Communication junior Meg Lowey models a skirt made of dyed paper at a costume sale at the Theatre and Interpretation Center. (Teal Gordon/The Daily Northwestern)
Rapper Nas invites the A&O Blowout crowd to chant lyrics to samples from his favorite 1990s rap songs. He opened the annual fall concert with “Nas the Don.” (Mariam Gomaa/Daily Senior Staffer)
A light fixture hangs in the GREEN House. (Kai Huang/The Daily Northwestern)
Onlookers reach out to high-five individuals in the river of freshmen formed during March through the Arch. (Rafi Letzter/Daily Senior Staffer)
Weinberg freshman Casey Kendall and Bienen freshman Jon Bauerfield, roommates in 1835 Hinman, sit in their newly installed ball pit. The pit has attracted people to their room and helped them meet other new students. (Chelsea Sherlock/The Daily Northwestern)
Trees on campus show signs of autumn. (Aditya Araikar/The Daily Northwestern)
Weinberg freshmen Luqman Azhari and Amir Khan get their first taste of Joy Yee’s bubble teas. (Ali Falouji/The Daily Northwestern)
Members of the audience participate as speaker Damien Woetzel teaches part of a ballet. (Ina Yang/Daily Senior Staffer)

— Rafi Letzter